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IH type chemical centrifugal pump

1.1  IH chemical pump is of single suction anti-corrosive centrifugal pumpaxial suctionto transport the corrosive liquid which doesn’t contain granule and is similar with the water in adherence .It’s label ,rate and size meet with the international standard of  ISO2858,technology standar of GB/T5656-1994.It feature various performance ,high efficiency and easy access to repair .The efficiency is 5% higher than that of the model F. It is the preferentially –recommended product .

   The medium temperature is between-20 ℃and 105℃.The additional measurements in mechanical seal and cooling measurement can ensure transportation of higher temperature of medium .It is widely used at the industries to transport kinds of corrosive medium and the medium similar with water which must be immune to pollution such as petroleum ,chemistry ,metallurgy synthetic fiber pharmacy,foodstuff,waste water treatment

mendium :transport sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid , nitric acid , phosphoric acid ,organic acid , mineral acid , alkaline solution and solvent oil etc.

material: stainless steel

Performance of series IH pump
Flow Q6.3400m3/h;
Lift H:5110m
Inlet diameter:50200mm
Max.working pressure:1.6Mpa

1.2 Model explanation
IH50-32-160A as example
IH-single-stage single sunction.  anti-corrosive chemical centrifugal pump of international standard
50-diameter of pump inlet(mm)
32- diameter of pump outlet(mm)
160-nominal diameter of impeller(mm)

At first time of cutting outer diameter of impeller

The meaning of the type:

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