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ISG series vertical pipeline centrifugal pump

operate steady
easily install
light weight
tight construction
small volume

Can work outdoors
international standards
the temperature of medium is ≤120

that series the pump is according to the international ISO2858 standard, and adoption latest water power model, at the same time the shine on the concerning international standard to research to manufacture the design but become the SG type series the piping the pump of in lieu of product.Its function for international standard of ISO for technique for adopting standard, function counting, experimenting method waiting all IS type of valid adoption leaving the heart the pump relevantly, having with IS type leaving the heart pumping basicly same alike the number, index sign of its function all meet the design request.

Production usage

  1. 1.       ISG, LQG, ISW series pumps are made of cast iron. Their characters are to put the motors and pump ,axes ,extremity lid together so as to make the construction of the pump tightly ,the volume small ,weight light, run  placidity ,install convenience , which can be  completely  instead of the centrifugal pump using  of  IS series , BA series etc .The pumps are applicable to the drain water  of industry and city ,the deliver water of high floor construction increasing pressure ,the spraying  and irrigating  of gardens ,the ascending of cooling water in tower , the long distance transportation water etc .changes in temperature liquid circulation increase pressure and equipment matching ,the temperature of medium is equal to or below 80.
  2. 2.       IRG,LQRQ ,ISWR series heat water pump are the excellency combination design of construction SGR series pump and IR series pump ,which can be completely replace the using of IR series hot water circulation pump and reduce the inconvenience of using cool water to cool the pump , lengthen the distance of the water pump and motor, protecting the cooling effect of motor and axletree .which is the same with the warming of  greenhouse ,the high temperature of boiler ,bathroom ,hotel etc .the temperature of medium is ≤120The  using temperature of GRG series pump is ≤240。 
  1. 3.       IHGLQHGISWH series pump are the saving energy productions after designing according to the IH chemical and industrial centrifugal pump standards ,which can be completely replace the using of  the IH chemical and industrial pump ,F series chemical and industrial pump . And this pump use explosion-proof motor. The pumps are applied to  light textile ,petroleum ,chemistry and industry ,medicine ,sanitation ,food ,oil refining etc for  the transportation of chemical corrosive liquid .The temperature of medium should be  ≤100

 YGLQYGGRGISWG series pipeline oil pump are devised and produce accord with the standard of American Petroleum Academy API610“generally using centrifugal standard in oil refine factory ” and GB3215-82“General technique condition of centrifugal in refine factory and petroleum chemistry and industry flow ”.The selected using of preventing explosion electricity motor grade is the EX style of dHBT4,which can be directly installed on  the convey oil pipeline ,which can works outdoors ,reduces the investment of machine house construction .The pumps are used to convey the gasoline ,coal oil ,diesel oil ,aviation oil etc . The temperature of medium is ≤120-280.

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